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Hey guys, I feel I owe you an apology. Now that I'm the CV for fan fiction, I just don't have the time to run this group like it deserves to be run. In fact, I think we need to open up recruitment for staff again. We could use another person or two to help screen submissions. Now, we have high standards for what we allow into our gallery - which is what makes this group worth peoples' times - so we want to make sure potential Contributors can uphold the high standard of TransFiction.

If you're interested, send the group a note confirming that you're familiar with the rules of the group, and link to a story you have within the gallery.

Now, on to other business. As I mentioned, I'm now serving as the Community Volunteer representative for the fan fiction community. That entails a lot of work, but also a lot of chances to help the fanfic community as a whole. Right now, I'm looking to overhaul the galleries, and your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Caro Transmutata Metallo 30
Caro Transmutata Metallo 30
A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

    Ultra Magnus was sitting in his office, staring at the datapad in front of him as if his gaze alone could ignite it. He was truly not surprised that the damaged and suffering youngling had managed to complete the report in a third of the time requested. Jack – Daybreaker – had shown levels of competence that had stunned the commander from the very moment he had begun to instruct the youngling , something the old warrior had come to attribute to his Guardians’ influence, both from code and example. Any technical failings were simply a product of inexperience and the teacher had come to take for granted that they would be corrected in due time. The report he was reading now reflected that burgeoning competence in the way a shattered mirror reflected a darkened room. A copy had already been sent to Ratchet, holed up in his office processing the data he had collected, but the m
:iconfoxbear:Foxbear 7 4
Unbiased Logic
Unbiased Logic
The battlefield suddenly fell disturbingly quiet.  Computron paused, making the calculations necessary to decide his next move.  It took a little longer than usual however, because his current enemy wasn't behaving as predicted.  Computron was used to brute force; to blind mad rage and aggression, and a hunger for death and mayhem.  The enemy however, stood there, calculating and cold, and far more cunning than anything the Technobot combiner had faced before.
In fact, the enemy stood there now, watching Computron with an amused smile on his face, waiting for the Autobot to make the next move.  It wasn't long before Computron reached a decision.  The casualties were in acceptable limits, and the potential reward would be a great one indeed.
Heedless of the part inside his processor that was screaming for him to stop, Computron reached out and condemned a handful of innocent humans to death.
:iconladysokolov:LadySokolov 62 43
Murdering Mary Sue
Murdering Mary Sue
Every aspiring writer has met her at least once, whether in his own works or in those of others. The alluring temptation of a perfect character taunts the author from one side while his muse urges him to keep writing from the other. Who wouldn't love her? She's the most beautiful, talented, fantastic woman in the universe, with not a flaw in sight. Every woman wants to be her; every man wants to marry her, so why would anyone want to kill her? Who would want to murder Mary Sue?
I would. I and many greater authors have been working hard to keep this succubus in her proper place: the trash can. Mary Sue is one of the worst enemies of good fiction, second only to poor spelling and grammar. And the seductress tempts even the most cautious writer. Her many disguises can make her difficult to spot, allowing her to weave her way into every plot twist and turn, slowly destroying the author's work. By the time she’s found, she may have done so much damage that the
:iconcei-ellem:Cei-Ellem 2,005 1,637
The Ballad of Repugnant Prime
"The Ballad of Repugnant Prime"
by, Logan Rogan
As the whispered winds glide,
O'er Cybertron's hide,
Long hushed by the passage of time,
History's rust,
Sings out from the dust,
The tale of Repugnant Prime.
Repugnus by name,
Not a 'Bot of great fame,
His chassis were war torn and rough.  
If you ask, folks will say,
That one fateful day,
He decided he'd just had enough.  
With a sinister stance,
And no backward glance,
Through central command his form crept.  
He, with stealth and guile,
Stole the matrix, all while,
Optimus was injured and slept.  
The sirens soon blared,
And the tumult declared,
The news of his traitorous crime.  
All sought the offender,
And dubbed this pretender,
The treasonous Repugnant Prime.
His fugitive flight,
Ran late through the night,
The Autobots close in pursuit,
And then crossed the border,
'Twixt chaos and order,
Steadfast into Kaon's bleak routes.  
"'Tis proof," said the 'Bots,
"Of a treachero
:iconloganprime:LoganPrime 3 3
Fire and Flight
Speed. That was the unshakeable law the Arcee triplets lived by. It had ensured their survival on Cybertron, and it had also been a catalyst in taking down fugitive Decepticons on Earth. There was one of the three triplets, however, that did not always abide by this law: Chromia. She oftentimes became the cause of her sisters' worry with her habit of lagging back to fight enemies, instead of speeding off to safety like Arcee and Flareup. Unlike her sisters, Chromia's grudge against the Decepticons dictated most of her actions, and it troubled the two greatly. They oftentimes expressed this concern to her, but she would have none of it. This grudge did have a gentler consequence, for it caught the optics of a fellow comrade, Ironhide. Her connection to him, something her sisters playfully teased her about, saved not only her life, but the lives of Arcee and Flareup, as well.
Chromia could not even fathom what had happened. Just moments ago, Flareup was telling Arcee and her that she wou
:iconnightchildmoonchild:nightchildmoonchild 23 33
Leader For a Day
Summary: Transformers - Sunbow G1 | Rated K | Megatron hands over the reins to Starscream for a day in the hopes of teaching him a lesson about what it really means to lead the Decepticons.
"...would have gone better with a true leader. Myself, for instance..."
Megatron entertained the mental image of Starscream's torso bearing a large fusion cannon hole through it. If the cretin only knew what it really meant to be... that was an idea...
"For once, Starscream, you might actually be right."
"...lead the Decepticons into a new era... wait, what?"
"It's possible you might be a better leader."
Starscream initially gaped disbelievingly, but eventually crossed his arms smugly. "Nice to see you finally recognize who is the superior leader."
"I said 'might'. I propose a challenge: you lead for one day. If you do a better job, I will step aside permanently."
"Fair enough. I assure you the others will not be disappointed, though
:iconjeysie:Jeysie 7 5
Come Full Circle
Sound reverberated down the empty halls as a heavy piece of metal hit the floor.  As the dust settled, a pair of white peds skilfully worked their way through the hole until they came to a full stand on the floor inside.  All was silent and still as the darkness suddenly retreated from the brilliant light of a single set of headlights.
Why did I come here again? It’s not like being back will change anything.
Slowly the light flicked up and down the hall as if confused on which direction to take. Stopping for a moment to access old memory files, the sound of vibrating metal loudly announced movement as the light started to make its way down the hall.  Passing by door after door and through intersection after intersection, the light continued to cast an eerie glow on the dull, age worn orange walls.
It should be around here somewhere. It’s been so long but I’m sure I’d remember...yes there it is!”  
Commons, t
:iconcheart99:Cheart99 1 8
Mature content
A Gary Stu For All Seasons :iconv-for-vincent:v-for-vincent 4 16



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Our rules are simple:

:bulletred:No bad grammar. For the love of Primus use a spellchecker.
:bulletpurple:No noncanon "shipping."
:bulletgreen:Stories featuring original characters are welcome, but please, no Mary Sues or Gary Stus. If a story stars an original character, canon characters need to at least cameo in the story to frame it with canon.
:bulletyellow:Stories have to be complete before they will be accepted. No works in progress.
:bulletblue: No slash.
:bulletblack: No poems.
:bulletorange: Each member is allowed one (acceptable) submission upon joining the group.
Successive submissions require at least one comment on another member's story.
You gotta give attention to get it. When submitting a story, include a link to a comment you've left on another story within the gallery.

Help your community of writers to grow and improve but most of all have fun and be respectful.

We mean it when we say we want quality stories. We want people to come here and feel confident that their time will not be wasted on any stories we feature. For that reason, each submission will be personally reviewed by a staff member, so don't worry if it takes a few days for your story to be accepted. The longer the story, the longer it might take.

Currently we are NOT looking for additional staff members. Our current staff is capable of handling the current influx of submissions. You want to make a staff member someday? Convince more people to join and submit their best works!

Group Info

This is a community formed to showcase quality Transformers fiction. We love to write and write to love! (...Wait, scratch that second part.)
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 24, 2010


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I have a quesstion about the WIP rule,
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Also, I get the whole balance between OCs and cannon characters. I create OC to help "flesh out" the existing story and answer any possible questions.
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Also, you're not going to be Transfiction material if you can't handle critique like a mature person and go hiding comments that were trying to be helpful.
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